Tuesday, May 04, 2021

We share this dream

John Horn sent me this small booklet containing Dr. Martin Luther King's famous speech. The printing and binding are flawless. Jean and I are grateful to receive it. Letterpress is nearly lost art, saved only by enthusiasts like John and important words set in type have greater effect when brought to us through the artist's touch.

The message in the book, "I have a dream" must become one of "We share this dream." 

If you've ever driven by mistake to "the wrong side" of the tracks, or ridden on the commuter train through areas where the planners chose that it not stop, you can assess for yourself that poverty and racism yet stand in opposition to the dream described in this thin volume.

Today I'll take some of my high school students to ESSA to use the black smithing studio to heat treat the spoon knife blades we've been making. We'll use the ESSA forges to heat them red hot, then quench them in oil. Next we'll heat them in the oven to temper the blades and handle them with walnut.

I'll do an article about making spoon knives for Quercus Magazine in the UK.

Make, fix and create. Assist others in learning likewise.

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