Wednesday, May 12, 2021


My new book is in the hands of an editor and her work will be complete in a week or so. There will be questions for me to answer, high resolution images to supply. The title is not yet finalized. 

Today in the Clear Spring School wood shop students will be working on a variety of non-weaponry projects from their own imaginations. My Kindergarten students, called here at our school, "the Rainbow Group" will continue to make toy cars and trucks. 

I'm hoping to bring the letterpress, typography art to our Eureka Springs School of the Arts by arranging a visit by John Horn and his portable letterpress studio described in his blog here:

Some may know John as one of the foremost authorities on letterpress and typography in the US. As an avid collector during the time in which the letterpress art was being abandoned, John was there as both a printer and collector. To have him here to share with us will be an amazing opportunity. 

One of my favorite blog posts from John's website is of his visit to an old print studio. It lets us know that there are still places for artists to go to save what's been abandoned in our face-first smack-down launch of "civilization" into the digital, everything easy age in which we live. The photo is from John's travels, of a print shop that got away, left abandoned. Would it not be wonderful for some aspiring young printer to find it and restore it to use?

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