Friday, September 04, 2020

Yesterday, and last night

Yesterday I added some small storage cabinets to the outdoor classroom at Clear Spring School so that teachers will have places to keep supplies. The outdoor classroom will get a lot of use with the need for social distancing. At home I'm trying to learn about Google Classroom to enable me to better present lessons from afar.

At about 56,000 words, I sent a file off yesterday to my new publisher, Linden Press, with the hopes that the owner of the press likes what I've written. My working title is Wisdom of Our Hands, Crafting family, self, community and human culture. It is somewhat autobiographical but also a manifesto of sorts, calling for a gentle revolution in which we craft better lives for ourselves and each other by paying attention to the necessity that we each be creatively engaged.

Last night I dreamed about a dear friend Roger Dale. I was visiting him in his classroom to talk about an idea I had (previously unknown to me) that spot glazing of pottery could be accomplished with a torch. The idea was that you could take bisque ware, apply a glaze in a spot and then heat that spot with a torch until you saw the glaze melt. 

Roger and I discussed the complications of distance learning, and he began digging through files and putting papers in a folder that the thought might be of use to me. I asked how he was managing with the Covid-19 crisis and he told me that he was planning to die from it. "Have you told your mother?" I asked, then remembered that she had died years ago.

One of the points I try to make in the book is that even without facebook and twitter, we are connected with each other in unseen ways. The book is a bit different from other books about the hands, as it is a more personal account, more personal than I had intended, and I hope engaging. 

The owner of the press notified me that he's received my file and looks forward to reading it.

Make, fix, create, and assist others in learning lifewise.

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