Monday, September 14, 2020

resumption of school...

Students at the Clear Spring School are returning to class today with serious controls in place to prevent the spread of the coronavirus virus pandemic. 

Because of my age and risk factors, I will not be teaching directly during the start of the school year and it's a lonely feeling seeing the kids return while I'm set aside from full participation.

I was lucky to have grown up in more idyllic times, where children were allowed to play freely in the outdoors and with each other. I long for a return of those times. With careful planning, the bravery of teachers,  administrators and parents will bring those days back.

I place the blame for our current situation fully on the Republican administration and their enablers in Congress. In January, even before president Trump told Bob Woodward how serious the pandemic would be, one of his aids, Peter Navarro had written a letter of very stern warning about the dire effects on the population and on the economy, and yet that same man went on TV yesterday to claim no one know how bad the situation would be. They count on us all stupid enough to have not remembered what they've said, one minute to the next.

I'm am hopeful that at some point we have an administration that speaks honestly to the American people and is wiling to act in our defense, both with regard to the pandemic and to global warming. Had we been given clear guidance from the outset (and clear expert guidance was available), we would not be in this shameful situation today. I feel lonely and powerless like no time before in my own life.

A good question always comes up in a presidential election year. "Are you better off now that you were 4 years ago?" And if the answer is no, we do know what to do about it. Vote.

Make, fix and create.

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