Tuesday, September 15, 2020

stone hammers


These images (if you are reading from facebook you'll see only one) are of a simple stone hammer that was found with others in a load of stone brought in when we had foundation repairs years ago. It is roughly made from chert and as you can see, was originally made to fit a hand very much like my own. To hold a tool like this reminds me of my kinship with those who lived here before.

Another similar stone felt awkward in my hand until I switched it from right to left and found it to be a perfect fit.

And so, these hills have been the home to our kind for well over 10,000 years. You have to look carefully for the signs of their occupancy, for they walked much more lightly on the earth.

Make, fix, create, and learn the skills and traditions of those who were here first. Our own sensitivities might evolve to the point at which we are able to preserve the gifts we've been given.

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