Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Woodcarver's Rendezvous

A five day Woodcarver's Rendezvous started at ESSA today. Six teachers are working with about 50 students in a variety of subject areas. The turning room, the machine room, the bench room, and yet another building on the ESSA campus are full of highly skilled woodcarvers.

Please plan to attend the studio stroll on Thursday, 4 PM to see what they've accomplished. Many of my friends are at work among the other carvers.

At the Clear Spring School, my elementary school students are making post office boxes so that they can write and exchange mail with each other. It is a project intended to get them engaged in writing. The boxes are made of wood resawn from 2 x 4 lumber and from 1/4 in. luan ply. The students will be allowed to personalize their boxes in their next wood shop period on Wednesday.

Make, fix, create, and offer to others the opportunity to learn likewise.

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