Tuesday, September 11, 2018

at dockside...

Yesterday in Helsinki, my wife and I visited the island fortress of Suomenlinna off the coast of Helsinki. It is a world heritage site due to its having played a part in national dramas between France, Russia, Sweden and the UK prior to Finland having been granted independence as a democracy in 1917. I had been to Suomenlinna before one evening during the conference in 2008. We took a long evening boat ride to dinner in a restaurant in the bowels of the fortress. But that did not allow for the exploring that did today.

The fortress history is amazing and depressing, as I am made to wonder when human beings will learn to treat one another with more respect. Wars are not the answer.

Along the dock back here in Helsinki I found a boat that I had admired in 2008, still cared for and in the same shape after the past 10 years. That boat, Strömsdal, is a work boat given a better life. A picnic table and chairs on the back deck give a suggestion of what that lovely life might be.

Today I visit two schools in Helsinki. My point is not to point out the failings of American schools, but to highlight ways in which American schools can be made better.

Make, fix, create, and allow American students to learn likewise.

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