Saturday, March 24, 2018

In solidarity with students

Today my wife and I will go to Bentonville, AR to march in solidarity with students promoting stricter gun control. The interesting thing is that tools have a tendency to be used according to their original intent. The purpose of an AR-15 as it was developed is to kill folks. It was developed as a weapon of war, and even though some claim it as a tool of "sportsmanship," real hunters would  not need it or want it.

This week, the New Yorker has an article about kids who own weapons and defend their rights to use them. They describe the power they feel and the pride they feel in the mastery of their weapons. They could just have easily been describing the use of a chisel, plane or carving knife, and would have thence known their creative, rather than destructive power. If we would put tools of creativity in the hands of kids, those tools might soothe worried souls, heal those who tend toward derangement, and give students renewed faith in themselves and in each other.

Congress refuses to control the distribution of overly dangerous weapons, and it also fails to acknowledge the value of real tools and the need for children to engage creatively and meaningfully in their environment. These students involved as leaders in the march have tried and tried to get their point across to deaf ears, too busy with meaningless moments of silence, and too strongly obedient to the leadership of the NRA to actually do anything about the problem. I applaud the children for leading us forward.

I have been attempting to get a grip on my new book in the works, on the Wisdom of the Hands.

The photo shows a simple box.

Make, fix, create, and assist others in learning lifewise.,

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