Saturday, September 16, 2017

today in the wood shop.

I have many small projects that require attention to complete. The object of completion is to get them out of my way and placed and sold (hopefully) to make room for further production.

In Sweden in the 19th century, German manufactured goods overwhelmed the populace. In the past the Swedish farm families had met most of their own needs for boots and gloves and you name it, by either making these things or trading with neighbors. In the crafting of objects, the crafting of the intelligence and character of the people was assured.

When the cheaper, but well manufactured German trade goods decimated the value of home craft, the Swedish farmer turned to the making of Branvin as a source of revenue to replace that lost when their home crafted goods were no longer of value. Drunkenness was a by-product of the exchange. The Lutheran church became deeply concerned, as did the Swedish Parliament and King, just as we should have been over the past 150 years.

Educational Sloyd, the use of woodworking as an important part of school, was the means through which the industriousness and intelligence of the people was to be restored and the whole of Swedish culture was to be put back on the right track.

We can do the same thing here. It is relatively simple. Give students the opportunity to create. The use of the hands refreshes and energizes intellectual capacity. Don't believe me? Try making something.

Make, fix, and create.

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