Monday, September 11, 2017

Boxes and pens.

Yesterday in the wood shop I inlaid and assembled another dozen boxes. If a box or two of a particular design are necessary to complete an order, I make several extra at the same time to be assured I have boxes in my inventory to sell later. My strategy developed  as a custom furniture maker. Living in a small town in Arkansas, when there was not furniture piece to demand my attention and skill, I made boxes in preference to spending a day idle.

I also sharpened Sloyd knives, and prepared stock for whittling pens.

Today all my students will be in the wood shop at various times, from high school through first grade. All will be given sticks of wood to either carve or turn on the lathe. I also found that we can buy Chinese made ink pens on eBay for our students to use when they tire of dipping their own crafted pens in ink.

In the photo, some boxes have received their first sanding. Others have not.

Make, fix, and create. By doing so, you may encourage others to avoid the ineptitude that can come from failing to learn likewise.

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