Thursday, September 28, 2017

it's Thursday.

Thursday is a home shop day for me, in which I'll finish some boxes started as demonstrations during summer classes. We also have Studio Stroll at ESSA, 4 PM, and then Thursday night professional football on TV. I almost never watch football, but feel inclined to do so, simply to express solidarity with those who kneel.

I find it ironic that kneeling, which has always been a sign of reverence, deference and respect has become for Trump and his minions a sign of disobedience, defiance and disrespect. What a shameful parallel universe of distortion and lies they are attempting to impose on us!

There is a simple honesty in craftsmanship (and also in athletics). If the joint is badly or carelessly cut, it shows. If a pass is thrown poorly, it misses its mark. In the real world there is no place to hide from one's failure.

Practicing craftsmanship (on the field or in the wood shop), we learn from our real mistakes and try to do better. It's not exactly like that in politics, where folks in power are allowed to pretend whatever they want. For examples, global warming is a hoax, and if you put enough money in the hands of the rich, it will trickle down in time so that all prosper. I'm curious whether those who have imposed such stupid notions upon the unwary, ill-educated and uninformed will ever fess up and at least say, "oops." Perhaps all would benefit from the practice of craftsmanship of some sort.

The photo shows boxes made during summer classes as demonstrations of technique. Finally, with hinges, and sanding they can be sold or given to charitable causes.

Make, fix, and create. Assist others in learning lifewise.

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