Friday, March 31, 2017

off to showcase...

I am flying to Albany New York today to be a juror at Woodworker's Showcase, and to teach 4 one hour classes. Unfortunately, my classes will not be hands-on, but hopefully what I present will be useful to woodworkers.

The show features a huge number of entries in a competition, and my judging responsibilities will begin tonight.

If you are in the New York area and enjoy woodworking, plan to attend the two day event. In addition to classes and the display of member's work, there will be vendors selling woodworking products, and I will have a supply of my books for sale.

The photo shows two additions to Froebel's gifts given to me by Scott Bultman when he was here this week to work on his Kindergarten documentary. These are the divided cylinder, and the curvilinear gift.

Make, fix, create, and help others to learn likewise

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  1. Too bad my day is booked. It's only 280 miles from here to Albany.