Monday, March 20, 2017

making a divided sphere, part one

Some time ago I bought tiny brass hinges with the plan of making a divided sphere like those that were made and used in some Kindergarten classes. The divided sphere was not the kind of object that would be made by most home craftsmen, but my idea has been that by using a modern turning technique that involves a layer of brown paper glued between layers of wood, separable objects can be formed.

The first step is to glue a piece of brown paper in between two pieces of wood.

Then, after that piece is cut into two pieces, glue another piece of brown paper between being careful that the corners line up.  This piece of wood will then be used to turn two matching half spheres of wood.

To divide the half spheres into the 8 pieces of the divided sphere, I'll use a sharp chisel to divide the half spheres along the paper line. The brown paper will separate at the center, leaving just a bit of remnant to be sanded from the wood.

Then I'll have the challenge of hinging the 8 pieces into a divide sphere.
Wish me luck.

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