Wednesday, March 08, 2017

international womens's day.

Pestalozzi wrote a book called Leonard and Gertrude in 1801, that had a profound impact on progressive education. Gertrude was the wife of Leonard and the book's major protagonist. Her teaching of her own children set a new example as to how children would be best taught. In this book, Pestalozzi recognized the importance of women in the role of teaching. He was a major influence on Friedrich Froebel in his invention of Kindergarten, and Froebel, like Pestalozzi recognized that women should be empowered to take a lead in all things having to do with the education of our kids. In fact, the Kindergarten's songs and finger play came from Froebel's observing young German mothers engaged in educational play with their children.

I urge all men to follow the lead taken by early educators Pestalozzi and Froebel. Acknowledge the important role that women play and insist that they be given equal rights, equal opportunities, and greater recognition in all things. Real men stand up on behalf of women's rights.

The photo above is from my daughter Lucy's participation in the International Women's Day celebration and strike at Washington Square in New York City.

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  1. Anonymous1:21 PM

    ...and nowadays the kindergarten-movement in Germany asks for more men (male staff) to give both, girls and boys, a variety of role models - and to consolidate specific psychological and social effects.
    And, but that is not often mentioned (in the first step), it has a certain influence on the work climate - whether positiv or negativ needs single case study, but men in early childhood education are that rare: every study according to that subject might lead to be a single case study ;-)