Sunday, October 30, 2016

this morning

This morning I am up early and having found a pig in the trap, I'm anxiously awaiting daylight, so it can be put down. The blessing of having feral hogs and a trap is that I get out early in the morning before light, and am thereby engaged in the wilderness and in nature in ways I would not be without that threat.

It was not until February of this year that feral hogs in the surrounding forests had gained in such numbers (and size) as to tear up the stone walls and gardens around our home. Now, after having killed 30, they are less a threat here on our property, but are still in rising numbers all around us. So trapping, and rising early in the morning before light may go on for some time. We've estimated the size of the one caught this morning as in excess of 250 lbs.

It is surprising what goes on around here at night. We use a game camera to observe around the trap. We have foxes, coyotes, armadillos, an army of raccoons, and squirrels, in addition to deer and pigs.

My new book  Making Classic Toys that Teach is now in the hands of some readers, and hopefully, the reviews will be good. My other new book, Tiny Boxes is in the warehouse at Taunton Press and should be ready to ship soon.

Marc Adams School of Woodworking is now registering for next summer's classes, including my own on box making and making Froebel's Gifts. Go to to register.

Make, fix, create, and give others the encouragement to learn likewise.

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