Saturday, October 01, 2016

quadrant hinges

As you can see my attempt to install quadrant hinges using my flipping story stick technique on the router table was a success. I've been telling my box making students for years that this is possible, and having done it once will make the next time easy. I made a small keeper story stick that will assist in setting up the router and stops anytime I want to use this particular type of hinge. As long as I use the same kind of hinge, and keep the story stick available, the process will be made easy.

Kim asked for a list of tools that would be useful to elementary school students in learning to do woodworking.

The following is from Jean Lee Hunt's 1918 book, Catalog of Play Equipment:
The carpenter equipment must be a “sure-enough business affair,” and the tools real tools—not toys. The Sheldon bench is a real bench in every particular except size. The tool list is as follows:
  • Manual training hammer.
  • 8 point cross-cut saw.
  • 9 point rip saw.
  • Large screw driver, wooden handle.
  • Small screw driver.
  • Nail puller.
  • Stanley smooth-plane, No. 3.
  • Bench hook.
  • Brace and set of twist bits.
  • Manual training rule.
  • Steel rule.
  • Tri square.
  • Utility box—with assorted nails, screws, etc.
  • Combination India oil stone.
  • Oil can.
  • Small hatchet.
A more modern starting out list might be somewhat shorter. Instead of having all these tools at each individual workbench, my preference is that the tools be put away in the classroom at large when not in use and so smaller numbers of each tool will suffice.

Make, fix, create, and offer others the opportunity to learn likewise.

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