Friday, August 19, 2016

in the thick...

I am in the thick of planning for the coming school year, and also planning for two visits by members of the American Folk Art Museum from New York. My shop is a mess and must be cleaned, and I have numerous small projects that need to be completed. In addition, the editor's work on my book about making Froebel's gifts is nearing completion and so I'm in the process of review.

It is fascinating that in IQ tests, knowing how things fit together is an important aspect in the measure of intellect, but schools actually do so very little to encourage understanding of such things, focusing instead on abstractlearning that can be offered on the cheap.

The only recourse at this point is to take matters and materials in your own hands in the education of our kids. The image above is of one variant of gift number 7, this being triangles with two equal sides. My new book will tell how to make such things, and the boxes in which they can be kept.

Make, fix, create, and extend to others the likelihood of learning likewise.

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