Monday, August 15, 2016

a new school year

This will be my first day of my teaching year at Clear Spring School and we start out the school year with two teachers remaining from last, one returning from a few years back, and two new to the school. I seem to have become the senior staff member with this being my 16th year teaching in my wisdom of the hands program. We also have a returning head of school and three former staff members helping out to get the new teachers engaged and charging ahead.

Clear Spring School has been called "the miracle in the woods," not only for the quality of its education but for its unlikely location in a small town normally considered too small to sustain an independent school.

So, today we will have orientation like we do at the beginnings of each school year, and it is from this point that I begin planning student projects and my own school year.

I have also been told that my book about making Froebel's gifts is nearing the stage at which my editorial review will begin. So I am just a bit nervous to see how it has been laid out, and to assure myself that all has been put together as I expect. Of particular concern to me is that I've told Froebel's story in such a way that the book will be historically accurate and that it creates a greater interest in hands-on learning.

Let's further complicate my life with a visit from members of the American Folk Art Museum who are coming to attend the exhibit of works from their museum at Crystal Bridges. That will be on the 17th of this next month, so I have shop cleaning to do (as is usually the case.)

Make, fix, create, and extend to others the likeliness of learning likewise.

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