Saturday, July 09, 2016

today in the woodshop...

Today in the woodshop, I have guitars to assemble and finish. I also have an interview scheduled with a news reporter about our efforts to stop the hog invasion of Northwest Arkansas and the destruction of our forests that they cause.

As are so many in our country, I am concerned about gun violence and the risk that our nation is being torn apart by racism and guns. They are each separate, serious issues, and put together, pose even greater danger.

The National Rifle Association insists that no barriers be put in place having to do with the purchase of guns. Even those with mental diseases and terroristic intent are not to be denied their second amendment rights.

But can we go a week without innocent black folks being pulled over and killed by cops? And if not, can we not see what comes next? The NRA insists on their rights to put guns willy-nilly in the hands of men and women who have been provided some justification for righteous indignation, and who may not have the psychological strengths to resist violence, and what happens next?

Can we say Dallas?

And can we say we will do something about it? Train police officers to resist violence, and take guns out of the hands of those who should have never had access to them in the first place. Put tools into hands so that children and adults are more creatively engaged, and they'll have less to be angry about. If the answer to some of society's problems is to put more power in people's hands, can we ask what kind of power do we want to put there? How about tools of creativity rather than the tools of destruction? Woodworking tools are tools of conviviality and peace.

Make, fix, create, and extend to others the opportunity to learn likewise.

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