Friday, June 17, 2016

With Axe and Lyre

I am on my way to Marc Adams School of Woodworking where I'll have 9 days of class. My friend and assistant who will be with me for the full 9 days calls it Stowe Camp. For all of us, I expect it to fun and a learning experience, both.

Hans Børli, as quoted  by Lars Mytting in Norwegian Wood, wrote the following in With Axe and Lyre:
If you are master of the art of setting your gear up properly then there is a special joy in seeing the way that sharp steel eats its way through the logs. The smell of resin and fresh wood, the sight of the smooth, clean cut made by a newly sharpened axe blade–such things can fill a man with a wordless joy and put him in touch with the essential joy of all physical labor: In his own hands he weighs the feel of  life itself.
And so it is with all work and of course work with wood, in particular gives a special joy. Today we will begin setting up material and tools and tomorrow the joy of making will begin.

Make, fix, create, and extend to others the love of learning likewise.

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