Sunday, June 19, 2016

this morning...

This morning we start our second day of making Tiny boxes, and I have a lot on my mind... setting up jigs and shepherding 17 students through the remaining steps on making a small variety of tiny boxes. We are making tiny tine (pronounced tee-na) bentwood boxes. We are making two kinds of pocket boxes, and tiny boxes made with lift off lids and sides shaped with a molding cutter.

The weekend classes at Marc Adams school are intended to be more relaxing than the weeklong classes, but for teachers, that is often not the case, as we know how much learning can take place, and how much can go wrong in the process. But there is no real learning without error, and perfection is not our goal. We are hoping at best to get students moving in a productive direction.

Make, fix, create and extend to others the likelihood of learning likewise.

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