Saturday, October 25, 2014

odds and ends...

Today I have very little to say about the hands.

A few days back, I got a call from a Canadian woodworker who has been teaching adults and has begun working with kids. He asked about the origins of the term Wisdom of the Hands, expecting perhaps that concept might be derived from some kind of historical context. I explained that the concept in terms of the language is my own, derived in part from Stanley Kunich's poem about the wisdom of the body, but that in years past, no one would ever have to note in language a thing that was so strongly present in their own lives. It is only now, as people are so isolated from the natural wisdom offered by hands, that the necessity of such a concept would arise.

This morning I'm renting a log splitter. I have always done splitting of firewood by hand, but this year I have so many other things I must do, that to get wood ready for next season's warmth must be assisted by a friend, Briggs and Stratton and hydraulics.

The box and blocks shown above is on my newly contrived photo backdrop. Do you like it?

Make, fix and create...


  1. It's a great backdrop. Is it flat or does it fold?


  2. It folds flat and it consists of two pieces of formica hinged with duct tape. I had been wrestling with far more complex ideas, but simple is best if you are lucky enough to get all the complex notions put to rest.