Friday, October 10, 2014

memory lane...

Every once in a while I am led on a walk down memory lane by a request that I make some one-of-a-kind of furniture project or another. I have become known for box making, but have done more complicated projects on occasion, and if you can make a box, with corners square and tolerances tight, you can make nearly anything. Also, when you make a box, you can be more experimental than you might be in making something large that will dominate the room. With practice making boxes, when you are required to dominate a room, you can do so with style.

A museum contacted me, asking whether I might make some large display cabinets, so that led me to my photo file, but also to consider whether or not I will have time available for such large projects, given what I am already committed to do.

I've shown other works on my website, The photos above and below are of a project that I rediscovered in my files from 2007.

Make, fix and create...

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