Monday, July 25, 2011

What about knots?

In my class today, as we discussed aesthetics, we talked about how one woodworker might be drawn to knots and another avoid them at all costs. This is not to say that one side or another is right in his or her approach, but it makes me wonder how you feel. Like em, or avoid them, you get to choose in the poll at right.


  1. Doug, thank you for the daily updates. I prefer to have knots shown in woodwork. Beauty in honesty of the materials is how I see it. Thanks!

  2. Anonymous5:37 AM

    But they've got to be interesting knots! I found a combination knot and grand pattern on a board once that looked just like a volcano in eruption. The box I made from that went to a friend who lives near Mt. St. Helens.


  3. I like knots, though they do make your work harder and you have to be considerate of them vis a vis construction issues. I try to avoid them joints for instance. but they're beautiful, necessary aspects of composing with wood.

  4. I like knots generally however sometimes they are difficult to manage either in construction or as a design feature. knots for one can be bothersome to cut through, plane or finish so there are times when I don't feel like fussing with it. other times i like to use the knot as a design feature and like how it generally works out. depends on how frustrated I get dealing with the feature.