Thursday, July 28, 2011

fourfold interests...

In the theory of Educational Sloyd Otto Saloman had stated that education should start with the interests of the child, and John Dewey had described these interests as "fourfold":
interest in conversation or communication.
interest in inquiry or finding out things.
interest in making things or construction.
interest in artistic expression.
These are what Dewey described as "the natural resources, the uninvested capital, upon exercise of which depends the active growth of the child."

If you were had visited our ESSA box making class in my Clear Spring School woodworking laboratory today you would have seen that the same fourfold interests are what drive adults as well, as we share conversation, make inquiries, while making boxes that express artistic inclinations. What you would have found on your visit is a model for the ideal school if we only had sufficient wisdom to make necessary change.
Today in the CSS woodworking laboratory, students continued making boxes. I began a demonstration making inlay and made a box which I can use to demonstrate installing hinges. While my students explored new designs from their own imaginations, others began practice in hand-cut dovetails.

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  1. Anonymous6:22 PM

    Making dovetails, when I get it right, is still one of the most satisfying woodworking activities there is.