Sunday, July 24, 2011

outdoor kindergarten

This short documentary is about Kindergarten and pre-school in Norway. Outdoor Preschool - Norway. It is quite informative and reminds me of the outdoor hikes I've taken with the first, second and third grade students at CSS and also of our wonderful forest playground that surrounds our school buildings. Many parents, educators and environmentalists have had a growing concern that we are failing our children and failing our collective future by neglecting to teach children an appreciation of nature and the outdoors. In addition, we have been teaching them to avoid risk and creative problem solving when children really need to understand risk and to stand responsibly on their own feet. Outdoor kindergarten is an interesting option. At Clear Spring School, we do not have an outdoor kindergarten program, but all children grades pre-school through 12th grades have supervised outdoor play-time each day. We also have our have our first through 6th grade camping program, and outdoor studies of geology, botany and biology in high school.

Because they are fun to watch here's another:

And another:

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