Saturday, May 08, 2010

Mom's dulcimer

For a craftsman, the death of a parent can bring a reunion with objects made in the past. The dulcimer shown above and below is one I made for my mother in 1977. She was very proud of it and played it in a dulcimer club in Omaha in the late 70's before her hearing became impaired and she lost her ability to participate in music. Today we are shipping it off to my nephew Logan, a musician in Portland. Logan told me it is the best gift he's received in his whole life. He played it when we gathered for my mother's memorial service, and for me to hear the dulcimer I made for my mother played in the hands of one of her two much loved grandsons was also a gift... one that I'm sure my mother would have enjoyed.

The dulcimer is made with walnut, spruce, a bit of ebony, copper inlay, and a touch of humor. But it would not have been made without the encouragement of my mother. I made a small number of dulcimers before becoming focused exclusively on boxes and furniture. All were rather unconventional like the one shown.

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  1. Anonymous5:00 AM

    Beautiful work, with nice details that show how much you cared.