Thursday, May 20, 2010

early box

One of the objects I received from my mother's estate is this walnut box that I had made for her as a Christmas present around 1981 or 82. I made similar boxes for each of my sisters from cherry. Each has hand cut dovetails, a hand made brass and walnut pull and matching panels. As with most of a maker's early works, one can see both strengths and weaknesses in it. There are elements of design which foretell later developments in my work, and areas where growth is still happening or needed. For instance, the finish leaves something to be desired.

Thankfully, mothers keep such things and are proud of them despite their flaws. This box was used to keep some of her jewelry, and has a sliding tray and compartments within. It will be given to my daughter when she is out of college dorms and has room for such things.

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