Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hunched in frame and intellect?

It seems we have a choice. Do we live our lives hunched over our electronic devices, starting at earlier and earlier ages, or do we spend our lives exploring the full extent of our humanity? Is intelligence to be measured only in what circles endlessly in our own heads, or will we have the matching physical acumen and expertise to create in full expression of our humanity?

Observe as you go through your day, what the hand held electronic device does to human posture. At one time, posture in schools was a matter for concern. In the days of Educational Sloyd, physical and intellectual education were understood as a single integrated enterprise in the development of man. And so, one must wonder, what are the effects of being wired into the world of entertainment and distraction while being isolated from the full physical expression of our humanity? Put down the device. Remove yourself from the keyboard. Get thee to the wood shop or garden. Stretch out to your full breadth. Plant, tend, make, create. To make something beautiful is to remake oneself as craftsman.

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  1. Anonymous7:20 PM

    Even my two electronically very thoroughly connected sons know that there are physical things that just as important as part of their day. Each in their own way makes and builds. Makes me think I did something right.