Monday, March 22, 2010

teach kids about food?

We don't have home economics in schools anymore. We don't teach children how to cook for themselves, or how to eat well, or how to make the most healthful decisions with regard to one of the most important issues in our lives.

Jamie Oliver: "No child should leave school without being able to cook at least 10 healthful recipes. It is called life skills."

Life skills as a component in education ceased to be important in most schools when our educational system was blamed for the Russians having embarrassed us through the launch of Sputnik, the first man-made satellite to orbit the earth. Having been beaten by the Russians had nothing to do with what hadn't been taught in schools, and much more to do with the US government having made rocketry a low priority following WW II. But schools, it was claimed, had not paid enough attention to science and math. They, had been wasting our children's time instructing them in how to have meaningful and healthy lives. Besides, learning to do things for themselves, cook, fix, make, sew, would take kids out of the measurable monetary economy. How can politicians and CEO's get their cut when we have cooked, fixed, grown, made, made do, nursed and nurtured our children in a more healthful manner?

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  1. I'm a product design student, doing my senior thesis on food and healthy eating in the workplace (office), thanks for posting this video. I was slacking off on working on my project by looking up tools, and I found this.