Monday, March 22, 2010

back to wood shop.

Today, we're back from spring break at Clear Spring School and we are almost finished with our book binding, making journals for school travel. I am impressed when kids have attention for projects that go on for several classes, and this is one they all seem to have enjoyed. Their teacher Michelle, is also very pleased with the results, knowing that journals they have made themselves will make their school travels a richly remembered experience. The photo above shows a front cover and a couple sample books are shown below.

This month's American Craft magazine has a focus on tools and a couple interesting features that will interest my readers. The first is an essay, Get the Lead Out, by Glenn Adamson. The second is an interview with Henry Petroski, author of a number of books about engineering and creativity, including To Engineer is Human.

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  1. Doug, I have been reading this and your box making blog for several months and I love them. I am really happy that you spend so much time working on this.
    I have a post you might like on bookmaking on a blog I write:
    I also think that making stuff with children is one of the smartest and most rewarding things that you can do.
    Keep it up. I always look forward to your posts.
    -Jim Sowers