Tuesday, March 30, 2010

a shame to have so much fun...

As seen in the images at left and below, I've started a new table project. First, the shape of the table is determined by the natural edge at the front, and the natural geometry of my body as I use my arm as a compass. I plant my elbow in my left hand and swing an arc with my right arm. I know some won't buy the notion that crafts are a narrative, but I believe what I do in my work is story told describing the intersection of the material, the human body involved in creative process and the imagination stemming from "mind" which is actually a cultural expression. Next as seen below, I use a jig saw to cut the shape, and then use the same saw to cut a meandering line down the middle which will allow the board to pass through the planer and also be rejoined, surrounding the sliding dovetails that attach it to the base. More photos of this project will be shown as I make further progress. The wood is spalted maple, cut with waney or natural edges left in tact.

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  1. Anonymous5:12 AM

    And I bet there are many more potential tables in your lumber pile. Have fun.


    PS Interesting that the verification word for this message was"mingus." A craftsman of music.