Wednesday, November 18, 2009

wagons Ho!

Today the first grade students finished their wagons as shown below.
The kids have such enthusiasm for making things. They look around the woodshop at projects from years past, and ask, "when do I get to make that?"And they tell me, "I want to do it myself!"


  1. Anonymous1:30 PM

    It's amazing to see what kids so young are capable of doing. My son is 4 and a half and wants to help me. I'm putting together a little toolbox for him for Christmas. I want him to know that he can do may just take time and practice. Already, when looking at toys catalogs he now say "I want to make this" instead of "I want to buy this".
    Thanks for your inspiring blog.


  2. What a wonderful thing to be a "maker" at such a young age instead of being a complaisant consumer. Be sure that along with tools, you get some kind of vise to hold wood while he saws. A vise is the best way to keep hands safe.