Thursday, November 19, 2009

kids, school and the arts

Eureka Springs is planning a new high school and tonight I made a quick presentation to the school board on the importance of the arts in whatever plans they make. I was invited to speak by a fellow artist who had gotten a few minutes on the agenda. The fact that the arts are so vital to our community, with over 200 professional artists in our city, and a host of galleries and others making their livings from the arts, the idea is a no-brainer and was well received by the school board. We all believe that if the school makes a larger commitment to the arts, the artists will make a large commitment to the school and that could be helpful in passing the necessary bond issue.

Some of my readers may be interested in the Macy Manual Training building, now called Macy Hall, on the TC campus. You can find it using Google earth at the following coordinates: 40°48'37.85"N 73°57'37.56"W or Google street view:

View Larger Map I am looking forward to my visit there next week, will take my camera and have my own images to share with you.

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