Monday, July 20, 2009

The Joy of Accomplishment

As a craftsman I can truthfully inform you that there is joy in accomplishment. Today I am working on tables in cherry and walnut, picking up where I left off before my trip to Colorado. When you are working in real materials, they remember exactly where you left off. No need of notes or instructions as to what comes next.

A Stanley Tools publication titled the Joy of Accomplishment was offered free in 1935 and for over a decade thereafter. It is a great shame that tool companies no longer offer such insight:
Are you experiencing the fun of home handiwork? Do you know the satisfaction and relaxation of a hobby that turns idle hours into happy, productive pastime? Have you ever planed a rough piece of mahogany and had the joy of seeing the shavings curl up, revealing the beautiful grain of the wood, so attractive and smooth you just had to run your hand over it? Have you ever experienced the thrill of accomplishment that comes when you look at the fulfillment of your dreams and can say, “I made that?”
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    You can find the Pamphlet"Joy of Woodworking" here: