Friday, July 17, 2009

day 5

Today was day 5 of my ESSA box making class and you can see the results. Miters that fit. Box joints that fit tight. Lift lids and hinged lids, interesting pulls and feet. Plus some very happy box makers who have learned a lot and have work to show for it. Left to right are Bill, Tillian, Pete, Les, Bill, and their teacher.


  1. Anonymous6:39 AM

    Makes me very nostalgic.


  2. They look great! I have a photo of our class standing with our boxes, smiling proudly in the same way. I had no idea how profoundly that class a few years ago would impact my life for the better. Thanks you for that class and for everything that has come after.

    Though you are a clearly gifted designer and maker, you are also a teacher of a very rare type.

  3. Zeke, I have been very lucky to have made so many friends through box making. You all have made it fun for me. I was also very lucky to have fallen into box making. If you can make a box, you can make just about anything, so it is such a wonderful instructional medium. Engaging, and empowering.

    Are you a member of the Furniture Society? The next conference is in Cambridge at MIT, and I am hoping to be a presenter, either on the Wisdom of the Hands or on Sloyd. It might give us a chance to meet again.