Sunday, July 12, 2009

getting ready for class

One important first step involves safety. These push blocks are being made for use on the table saw to safely push stock through the cut without getting the hands too close to danger. Next they get routed with a roundover bit on the top side so they will be comfortable to grip. These are shop made devices so that I am never hesitant to wear them out, and I make a number of them at a time as they do wear out after making a number of cuts at various table saw settings and depths of cut.


  1. Eric Sloane writes about axe handles, about how every house had a handle pattern in the woodshed at one time, and when the handle wore out, the pattern would be used to make another just like it. He writes (as I am sure you remember) that each one is a little different, based on the paticular likes and needs of the owner.

    Push sticks are the same. One day I want to do a book of photos of push sticks from around the nation. There are so many variations, all of which are useful and usable. It is always something I look at when I visit someone else's shop. Thanks for sharing yours.

  2. Push sticks are an interesting creative project, and I remember seeing articles about the making of creative push sticks. Of course the most tasteless is the discussion in the old rec.woodworking newsgroup about the use of dead cats as push sticks.

    I can't remember where I saw the design of the one I use, but I like it.