Sunday, May 11, 2008

So, the idea here is to build a book, Wisdom of the Hands, chapter by chapter, 10 in all, just as we have counting left and right a total of 10 fingers on our hands. Of course, the first chapter, the finger/chapter Harington named Jick, or "Tricky Jick" is symbolized by the left thumb. Hold it up and you will have at least the beginnings of chapter one. If you've ever held a baby in your lap, you will see that finger games start early, that the hands are a source of infinite wonder and intellectual stimulation. In essence, they are also much more. Throughout our lives they provide numeracy. We count on them, both in the number and sequence of events. We use them to create the frameworks through which we perceive order in the universe. Just imagine the state of human consciousness were we to each have only two fingers, one on each hand. Would we have any comprehension of complex relationships?

Of course each chapter needs to be outlined, and filled out with interesting material, but starting out, I have Jick. He has a whole story to tell though I'll give him one chapter at most. And that will come later.

I went on the May Fine Arts Month Gallery walk last night and enjoyed seeing the work of local artists. One gallery owner, noting the success I've had of late in publications, asked me about the sense of accomplishment I must feel. I told her about the spoons I have been carving of late. If you have the opportunity to experience the tactile world, its wonders and the experience of feeling and seeing objects take form in your own hands, the abstract is less meaningful in comparison.

The real value of my published work comes only through the effort of YOUR hands... when YOU make the effort to develop skill, putting your artistic vision to work to create objects of usefulness and beauty or encourage others to do so. Now hold up your left thumb. May I introduce you to Tricky Jick?

The image at the top is from the J.A. Nelson Gallery, new work by my close friend, Jim Nelson.

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