Friday, May 09, 2008

Anyone of you old enough to remember Sky King?It was a TV show that came on late Saturday mornings when I was a kid. You will notice the results of the just completed poll at right, so surely some will remember. About 78% of my blog readers are over 40 years old. That isn't much of a surprise because most people under 40 aren't reading anymore. They are busy downloading movies and music and more entertaining things than text. And this blog is work. It is intended to make you think, involve your hands in the process of thought and leave you with things to do that require effort. So much for entertainment.

I've mentioned before the change that took place in schools when high quality educational television started to mold students before formal schooling. My mother is a retired kindergarten teacher. Before Sesame Street her students came to class and gave her their undivided attention. After the widespread introduction of Sesame Street, my mother had to work very hard to hold their attention. She had to become more of an entertainer herself, and as the years have passed and children have become accustomed to hours of programming each day, things have gotten worse.

If you've been to a museum lately, you may have noticed that they, too are having to make changes to accommodate those who are too quickly and easily bored. Gone are the days when any of us were capable of sitting in contemplation of profound objects without the additional auditory and visual effects to make the experience more entertaining.

I am reminded of Sky King because I noticed way back then that if I watched TV that long on Saturday mornings, starting at 8 AM, by the time Sky King came on at 11, my mind was numb, I felt a pyhsiological lethargy overcoming me making it difficult to get up and go play. I knew that if I sat for a moment longer I would probably die or something.

So, all you old guys and gals, keep reading. Do some very very boring things with your kids. Turn off the TV and go for a walk in the woods. Spend enough time away from entertaining things and a sense of the wonderful normal self will return. Sky King and the stupor you may feel is not real and will go away when you finally manage to get out and play.

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