Thursday, May 29, 2008

I woke up this morning thinking about my hands and the ways we use our hands to define and understand the space around us. We know that they have been traditionally used in religious ceremonies either by folding or grasping, and that as we put our hands together palm to palm at the chest, below the chin, it is universally regarded as a sign of devotion. Did someone just make that up and spread it all over the world, or do these gestures have real meaning and physiological effect on consciousness? Is our religious use of our hands based on something real with observable effect other than the simple outward demonstration of conformity?

Let's try a simple experiment to find out. Share what you learn by responding to the poll at right.

Stand up. Close your eyes. Extend your hands as far as you can reach at your sides. Then with your eyes still closed, move your hands slowly together until your fingers lightly touch. You will need to do this more than once, and observe the results. Do you feel anything? As your hands draw more closely together, do you feel anything in your head? Do you see anything?

Answer the poll at right.

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