Wednesday, December 05, 2007

This morning as we worked on toys in the woodshop, I also worked with the kids to finish their writing pens. Then later, after school when I pulled into the parking lot to pick up high school kids for afternoon wood club, 5th grader, Killian ran up and asked me to roll down my window. He wanted to thank me for my help in making his pen. His class had been testing their pens by writing with ink. The student and teacher assessments of their pens and the fun of using them to write? "Awesome!"

I had great hopes of getting my shop clean this afternoon but got distracted by writing and photography. I finished the last few photos for a box making article for Fine Woodworking, and began writing a "kids and Sloyd pen-making" article for Woodwork that I hope will run concurrently with my next general article on Sloyd.

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