Friday, August 24, 2007

I would like to take a few moments to welcome readers of Fine Woodworking to my blog. We have a lot in common. I began as a subscriber in the very early black and white days, when editor John Kelsey and his staff brought woodworking to life and greater meaning. It stuck for me. I have been a subscriber ever since, and I continue to find inspiration in the pages of Fine Woodworking.

You may never have been to a blog before. Blogs are kind of funny things. They are like diaries that you have to read starting at the bottom if you want to follow things from the beginning. If you are one of those people who start a book by looking at the end, you may feel right at home. But if you are like me, you may end up wanting to know the whole story, start to finish. Scroll down to the right and you will find links to earlier months. If you read from the beginning, you will find a whole year of Wisdom of the Hands at Clear Spring School with lots of project ideas and photos of kids at work. You will also find a great deal of information about hands. Hands are the foundation of human intelligence, so there is a lot to know, more to explore and ample reason to be much more than curious.

At the top of the page, left, you will find a search block that will allow you to dig deeply into the blog for subjects that might be of interest. One of my favorite subjects is educational sloyd. If you search for sloyd, you will learn about its history, and some about its creators. You can learn about the sloyd knife, and find links to other interesting things, particularly related to the hands in education. You will also find out some about the trip I made to the home of Educational Sloyd in Sweden in May, 2006. There is over a year of writing in the blog, so you will notice that I tend to repeat myself. Things fall out at random. The whole thing is in dire need of editing. Forgive me for all that.

If nothing else sticks from your visit here, I ask you to begin taking greater awareness of your own hands. You will find them to be a source of endless fascination and the tool of greater consciousness and deeper meaning. If you enjoy your exploration here, mark the spot and come back again.

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