Thursday, July 19, 2007

Yesterday, we went on the traditional Stowe family hike. My cousin Russell usually does research and plans a manageable destination. Today’s hike was supposed to be moderate difficulty, and as a cousin Michael said, yes, the trail was moderate in the same way George W. Bush is a “moderate” Republican.

Most of us found it challenging to the knees and thighs, as it was all uphill in one direction, much of the time steep, and then back over the same path. This has nothing to do with furniture design or the wisdom of the hands, right? If you have been reading the blog for some period of time, you will know it really does.

The photo above is of a waterfall found on the journey up. The lake below was our beautiful destination. The hike is always a time to discuss our lives and the world and culture we live in… the connections we feel despite living in different parts of the US and despite coming from different generations. Furniture design and the wisdom of the hands are not unrelated to the broad expressions of human culture and to the time in which we live.

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