Sunday, July 22, 2007

I want to mention the value of living in a small, vibrant community. As a point of comparison, the publisher of Harry Potter books, Scholastic Press in New York City had a celebration of the release of the last book in the series. Their celebration offered little more than juggling and face painting in a city of millions.

Here in Eureka Springs, our small Carnegie Library was turned into Hogwarts using a staff of about 25 costumed volunteers. Over 300 citizens of all ages from many of the surrounding communities attended. I can't possibly tell all the many details, but believe me, there was much more than juggling and face painting. It's what happens when an active citizenry takes their love of libraries and love of reading seriously and adds the work of their hands to the feelings in their hearts.

Several of the activities were "hands-on" from making magic wands to magical creatures painted and converted from rocks.

I can try to describe the value of living in a small, hand-crafted community. I can allude to it. I can show you photos. I can even tell you how to build one yourself. Few have the patience for it. It helps to start when you are young. You may be lucky and get to live in one carefully constructed by others for generations. Unless you have lived in a place like Eureka Springs and made an investment of some part of your life in it, you will never fully understand.

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