Sunday, July 29, 2007

I am in Walnut Creek California, preparing for my class with Diablo Woodworkers to start in the morning. One thing about our computer age... there are times when we love computers for what they do, and then there are other times when they remind us of our humanity, vulnerability and dependence on others. I had burned a CD with my PowerPoint presentation, labeled what I thought was the right disc, put it in my laptop case and flew to California with a blank CD and leaving the important one unlabeled on my desk. My wife, daughter, FedEx-Kinko and hosts Bob and Missy Barnett came through to save the day and saved me and my class from having to discuss design without necessary visual aids. At this point, I am feeling relieved, but know my psychic well-being is sustained by the love of family and friends. Whew. A relief. But it is always good to be reminded of such things.

Today, Bob, Missy and I took a drive to the top of Mount Diablo, the nearby mountain that gives the Diablo Woodworkers its name. It doesn't look like such a large mountain when you are below, but the journey up the winding road puts many things in perspective, and the view from the top is breath-taking.

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