Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Step three…painted in a corner; out on a limb… or "where’s a good editor when you need one?"…A few days ago, I promised a simple step-by-step method to turn your life from passive shopper/consumer to one of artist, craftsman, maker. If I had a good editor present in my brain, I would have never made such promises. You may have noticed that steps one and two aren’t easy, and step 3 isn’t either unless you are somewhat tolerant of making a fool of yourself. Step 3 has to do with taking chances. Offering things like this simple step-by-step when you know that you really don’t know where you are going with the dialog except into the corner of your own creativity, and out on a limb where the branch is barely able to support your weight and the only way down is the tiny saw hidden amongst the blades on your Swiss knife..

It is fortunate that blogs really don’t have readers. We bloggers spew things out at an incredible pace, and there can’t possibly be enough readers to keep up with us. So, in effect, I can offer improbable advice, knowing full well that there are no bloggees risking their lives by following my step-by-step mind altering blather.

So step three is to follow my lead. Take chances. There is not an audience sitting in anticipation of watching you fall. If there happens to be one, pretend there isn’t. Art takes its place in the world through the taking of chances, the ignoring of editors, and through bending a few rules.

Tomorrow, Certainty and Risk... the discussions of meaning as suggested by David Pye.

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