Sunday, September 10, 2006

I have a few things I want to share today, and I have uploaded them to my website so they can be accessed. The first is an article about my program at Clear Spring School from Woodcraft Magazine. It appeared in the Back to School section of the magazine in November 2005. Click Here to download. Second is an article about my investigation of Educational Sloyd at Clear Spring School. It is from the August 2005 issue of Woodwork Magazine. It is a pre-publication version of the article, so some of the captions and the finished artwork aren't in place, but that won't prevent your understanding of the concept. Click Here to download. The third item is a piece I worked on with Jack Grube of the New England Association of Woodworking Teachers. It is a promotional piece designed to help school administrators, school boards and parents understand the value of woodworking education.Click Here to download. Finally (for today), I want to share an opinion piece I wrote for Northern Woodlands Magazine. It is the shortest read. Please Click Here.

I hope that this blog can be a place for the exchange of ideas and move from the theoretical to the practical, and then from the practical to a better theoretical understanding of how we learn and provide a stable foundation for change. I invite you to share your own comments and observations.


  1. Doug, I am interested in the links you placed in this post back in 2006, but when I click on them they don't lead me to the information that I was expecting. Now that is probably not surprising given that this was originally posted a dozen years ago. Is there a way that I might still be able to look at these references?

  2. Jim, please try this link to a page at which I gathered resources.