Saturday, September 30, 2006

Independent schools like Clear Spring serve an important function in today's world of education. With public education under increasing stress from legislation like the No Child Left Behind Act, the implementation of new teaching techniques that offer greater engagement in learning and pave the course for the future of all schools is left in the hands of small independent schools like ours.

Clear Spring School has been called "the miracle in the woods." While independent schools generally exist in large market areas where there is a greater demand for private education and where there are well-to-do parents who can afford to give their children the best, Clear Spring School is in a town of barely over 2,000 with the kind of tourist based economy that is well known for low wages and seasonal employment. Survival might be miracle enough under such circumstances, but Clear Spring has grown and developed world class educational programs while sharing the communty's children with a first rate public school system. It has managed to survive and thrive and offer exemplary programs in a poor market due to the passionate involvement of parents, staff and board who take its mission clearly to heart.

"Together, all at the Clear Spring School promote a lifelong love of learning through a hands-on and hearts-engaged educational environment."

You may be at some great distance from our school, but there are ways you may join us and help.

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