Thursday, February 21, 2019

measuring, marking and drawing straight lines.

I've been having my first through 4th grade students working on projects from "Paper Sloyd" as a way of getting them to understand measuring, marking, and drawing straight lines.

Paper Sloyd was introduced as a precursor to school woodworking, and was used in the primary grades. The materials are cheap. The objects are interesting. And the projects are laid out to build from the simple to the complex, and from the easy to the more difficult.

Folding card stock is easiest if you take a sharp point and drag it along the folding line, not to tear the paper but to make an impression to crisp the folding point. This can be done with the back edge of scissors or with a nail, an awl or a small screw driver. Without first marking the fold in this manner, getting heavier paper like card stock to make crisp folds along marked lines is almost impossible.

The kids are of course interested in decorating their work, and proudly carry home evidence of  their learning.

Make, fix and create. Encourage others to learn likewise.

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