Wednesday, March 07, 2018


I cut the seats to fit the Bevins Skiffs yesterday, so final painting is getting closer on the horizon. We have set next Thursday March 15 as launch day. Our 10 day forecast is for temperatures in the 60s and partly sunny.

Companies that place a greater emphasis on design beat the Standard and Poor index by 219% over a ten year period.

Much of that success is earned by paying attention to the customer experience. What if we were to pay close attention to the student experience and adjust education to meet the needs and interests of each child? That happens best in small schools where no children fall through cracks and all are included.

The students at Clear Spring have been playing zombie tag at recess... all of them, from first grade through high school, and all at the same time. When it comes to play, or learning, or learning through play, no child is left behind.

My high school students were having a discussion wood shop about what they remembered from public school. I asked them to explain the difference between learning at public school and learning at Clear Spring. They noted, "here we learn by doing real things." And "when we do real things, they matter more to us and we remember them longer."

Is that not the same for you?

Make, fix and create...

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